Friday, March 10, 2017


Neo-Nazi skinheads and anti-Fascists entertained Sacramento cops as they hospitalized each other. After nine months, the cops finally did something about it

by Bob Walsh

About nine months ago a group of ALLEGED neo-Nazi skin-heads got a proper parade permit for a demonstration at the California state capitol. A much larger group of self-proclaimed anti-fascists, By Any Means Necessary, decided it was their moral obligation and right to physically attack the group. Two of them were stabbed, a bunch more were beaten and injured. The cops mostly sat around with their thumbs up their butts and let it happen.

They have finally sent a report, 2,000 pages worth, to the DA. It has a total of 514 misdemeanors and 68 felonies against a total of 106 identified individuals. It will be difficult to proceed with the misdemeanor beefs due to the time pressure. The statute of limitations on such things is one year.

No arrests were made on the actual day of the events and none have been made since. Assorted medical responders waded into the scene to help those injured. They did so without police assistance. The cops were busy "protecting" the tourists who were watching the attacks.

EDITOR'S NOTE: 'To Protect and Serve' is what the Sacramento cops did ... for the tourists.

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