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Hillary is in for a new walloping with the 'Clinton, Inc.' movie that digs deep into her psychology – and Bill's

By David Martosko | Daily Mail | September 19, 2016

With the right lighting a twenty-something Virginia Clinton – Bill's mom – was a dead ringer for Monica Lewinsky.

That realization alone, and all its Freudian implications, is enough to recommend the movie ‘Clinton, Inc,’ a film adaptation of the 2014 book that will hit theaters on September 30.

It turns out the future president's sexually undiscriminating but lovable and charming mother – and the rock-steady but ambitious and intimidating grandmother who helped raised him – formed maternal bookends that he would later reanimate with Lewinsky and Hillary Rodham.

Hillary was the staid, grandmotherly figure from the beginning, the film suggests, the one who he could count on for comfort and security.

Bill's endless string of one-night stands, including one woman he allegedly raped, were a reprise of the trysting situations in which he so often saw his mother, largely with future stepdad Roger, as he worked his way through boyhood.

And as he progressed into manhood, we learn, Bill needed both the stability of his wife and the wildness of other women.

But far from condemning him, 'Clinton, Inc.' casts the boy from Hope, Arkansas in the same light as Alexander Hamilton, this year's unlikeliest political celebrity.

They were both bastards from social and geographical backwaters – Hamilton was born in Charlestown on the nowhere Caribbean island of Nevis – and they both transcended their origins in world-shaping ways.

The hits keep coming in this feature-length film from producer Mark Sain, who gave the first sneak-peek over the weekend.

Sain's '2016: Obama's America' became the second-highest grossing political documentary of all time. 'Clinton, Inc.' will see a limited release on 20 metro Chicago cinema screens before hitting 1,000 screens nationwide in mid-October, just in time to give voters a new version of plentiful old history to chew on.

With help from Johns Hopkins University professor John Gartner, the film answers the question that logically follows on the unsuitably named Virginia's bed-hopping, much of which happened with doctors in a hospital where she worked.

Gartner believes Bill may have called the wrong guy 'Dad' for his whole life.

'Because of Bill Clinton's own mother's promiscuity, it was likely that someone else was his biological father – the biological father Bill never revealed,' Sain told in an interview.

And that, he said, presents a bizarre 'parallel between how he and Obama grew up.'

'Neither of them knew his biological father,' Sain explained. 'And they both were raised by these role models that they thought would teach them who they should be.'

Gartner was not the first to name Bill's real dad as physician George Wright, but he does it on camera in a straight-ahead fashion that makes a compelling case – including an anecdote about how the doctor changed where he took his annual vacations so he could be near Bill as he grew.

The man usually acknowledged as Clinton's dad, William Jefferson Blythe Jr., was still on active duty in the U.S. Army until 8 months before his birth.

At its heart, 'Clinton, Inc.' is a psychological study of the Clintons and what makes them tick, a welcome palate-cleanser from the politically driven and often reckless storytelling that was bound to crop up in the weeks before November's presidential election.

Loosely based on the book by Daniel Halper, who now leads the New York Post's Washington, D.C. bureau and ably narrates much of the movie, the new adaptation leans heavily on Hillary, the Democratic nominee for president.

Her White House run, filmgoers learn, is on the one hand an attempt to rehabilitate her family dynasty's image, and on the other a sort of payback for putting up with her lascivious husband for decade after decade.

What's most interesting about it isn't what's most current. The film does a cursory roundup of the latest scandals in Clintonworld, including the Benghazi terror attacks, pay-to-play accusations leveled against the Clinton Foundation and her classified email scandal.

'It's truth whack-a-mole with Hillary Clinton,' political editor Guy Benson quips in the movie.

The filmmakers also rely on the voice of Dick Morris, a one-time Clinton insider whom the first couple tossed overboard after it was revealed that he allowed a toe-sucking prostitute to listen in on his conversations with the President of the United States.

Morris calls the payoffs during Hillary's State Department tenure – speaking fees for Bill and millions in buy-ins for the foundation – 'thinly disguised bribes.'

Morris was a close-up observer from the beginning, helping Clinton win his way into the Arkansas governor's mansion.

As the Lewinsky scandal broke two decades later, he recalls, 'I urged Clinton not to lie to people. I said they'll forgive the adultery but not the perjury.'

'It was Hillary that said, "You gotta deny it, you gotta stand firm, you gotta be intransigent." And her advice always is to stonewall, to stand firm, not to yield an inch.'

Her storied appearance on NBC's 'Today' show, in which she blamed the brewing tempest on a 'vast right-wing conspiracy,' the film explains, came the following day

'Lying,' Morris concludes, 'is her substitute for charisma.'

Hillary's most powerful role in the movie is that of Bill's immoral savior, rescuing him from himself over and over and enabling him to lie and cheat again and again.

Her own mother Dorothy stoically endured an abusive husband's rantings and kept her own family together anyway, and Hillary followed her lead by looking the other way.

Hillary's pre-ordained carpet-bagged coronation as a New York senator after they left the White House, singularly orchestrated by Bill, was her first cashed-in chit.

She was planning her Senate run, in fact, while the U.S. Senate was deliberating on an impeachment vote that teetered on the edge of toppling Bill's presidency.

A return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue may be her final claim check for playing her role to a tee.

'To understand Bill and Hillary, don't think of a marriage,' Morris advises. 'Think of a racketeering organization.'

The Clinton duo began as a hippie love story, to be sure, but morphed into a more savage lust for power in the film's telling.

By the time she became America's first lady, Hillary had parlayed her feminist chic into control over the future of the nation's healthcare system, which she botched by arrogantly trying to steamroll Senate Republicans.

But Bill was so in debt to her that he installed her in the West Wing of the White House and dared not infringe on her territory.

Because Bill sensed that he needed to pull the Democratic Party back from the brink of full-scale liberalism, he put his weight behind the North American Free Trade Agreement, a political fossil that's in this year's vernacular as a bone that Republican nominee Donald Trump won't let go of.

In 'Clinton, Inc.'s' telling, NAFTA was an easy sell to then-House speaker Newt Gingrich because its purpose was to win cheap labor for big business.

But Bill Clinton had an ulterior motive in capturing a new source of campaign fundraising from blue-chip companies that suddenly owed him.

Many of the same companies, and their Washington lobbyists, backed Hillary when she ran for Senate.

The filmmakers agree with Trump that NAFTA led to wholesale job losses, and suggest the president didn't care because America's working class would never cross the aisle and support an aging, feckless Senator Bob Dole in 1996.

He was right, of course. And besides, now he had the backing of top Republicans from the NAFTA battle. The nation's working class emerged as the losers while the Clinton dynasty 'triangulated' itself and reaped the benefits.

'The Clintons are about power and about money. They're ruthless,' National Review editor Rich Lowry concludes.

Clinton, Inc., the family business, has three iterations, Sain said.

'The first version was during their Arkansas years, the ideal. Then she becomes the U.S. senator and gets more power-hungry. That's version two.'

'Version three is her attempt now to become president.'

Chelsea Clinton, the pair's adult daughter, is the heir to the throne even before Hillary wears a crown.

Power and prominence, we're reminded, are generational. As she campaigns for her mother, Chelsea is hyper-aware that she stands to inherit a family business whose goal is to create wealth and political power.

All the while, Bill and Hillary strut the trappings of a marriage based on a weird mashup of aw-shucks charm and conniving dishonesty.

Voters, of course, will be the film's consumers. They'll come away exposed to the idea that aging baby boomers are looking to install a female president as the incarnation of social upheaval they stoked generations ago.

But feminists in particular have a problem: Hillary Clinton reached the base-camp beneath her ultimate summit because of who she married. Bill made her first lady and furnished her with a Senate seat.

Why? Because he always needed her, he always cared about her, and she has always lacked the raw political talent to earn it on her own.

'They're co-dependent,' Sain told, while cautioning that 'it's more complex than that.'

'They do very much love each other, but their own personal ambitions drive things as well.'

Investors sank $1.5 million into making 'Clinton, Inc.,' which the MPAA has given a PG-13 rating. Lewinsky's blue dress makes a cameo, and there's ample talk about Bill's affairs – although no appearance from alleged rape victim Juanita Broaddrick.

Sain insisted that he didn't set out to put a divisive hit-piece on the big screen.

'When I made the movie it wasn't with the intent of trying to impact the election,' he said.

'We really tried to make it so that it would appeal to a wide audience.'

'Great movies are great character stories,' he explained. 'And this is a great character story.'


By Bob Walsh

Personal tragedies are nasty for those involved. I get that. That being said it does not give the sufferer license to impose his will on the rest of the country, or at least should not.

A case in point is the Brady Bill. Jim Brady worked for President Regan and was badly injured in an assassination attempt on Regan. He was left with significant brain damage. His wife, using him as a poster boy, pushed hard and with significant success to limit the rights of honest, law-abiding gun owners based on their personal tragedy.

Now we move to Gavin Newsom. Newsom was formerly the mayor of the People’s Republic of San Francisco. I almost wrote “ultra-liberal mayor” but that would be a redundancy in modern S.F. He is now the Lt. Governor of the formerly great state of California and, unless something truly bizarre happens, will be our governor in two years.

Gavin Newsom hates guns. He hates people who like guns. He hates people who own guns. I always just assumed it was because he was, by nature, a liberal asshole. I was wrong and now I know why, thanks to today’s S. F. Chronicle.

Arthur Menzies was Gavin Newsom’s grandfather. He was a WW II veteran and a survivor of the Bataan Death March. That experience somewhat unhinged him. (The death rate of American prisoners held by the Japanese during WW II was about 43%. I can’t imagine how nasty that was.)

At one time Menzies stood his daughter (Newsom’s mother) and her twin sister up against the fireplace and announced he was going to blow their brains out. He didn’t do it, but that doesn’t make it nice. Finally, one evening at the dinner table, in front of the family (including young Gavin) Menzies blew his brains out. That has left Newsom with a dislike for guns. A dislike he thinks should be enforced on the rest of society.

Newsome is the principle pimp for Proposition 63, which bans possession of ammunition magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds of ammo, including those you might have purchased legally and been in legal possession of for years, and greatly restricts the ability of honest, law-abiding citizens to purchase ammunition. This proposal, if it is passed into law and survives legal challenges certain to come, would make mail order purchases of ammo illegal and would drive many small dealers out of business with severe and expensive regulations. This would, among other things, require purchasers to have a license to buy ammo.

My own guess, for what that is worth, is that the ammunition magazine ban is probably unconstitutional as it is effectively a taking of property without compensation. Other states do require a special license to buy ammo so that might fly. Regulating business they don’t like out of business is a specialty in California so that might be acceptable to the courts.

In any event there it is. Gavin Newsom’s grandfather went off the rails so you can’t be trusted to own ammunition.


Sgt. David Robison drives Mark Ross 100 miles to reach his grieving family

By Sarah Grochowski | New York Daily News | September 27, 2016

A cop in Ohio drove a grieving man 100 miles to reach his family — and the act of kindness is attracting national attention.

Mark Ross was in a speeding vehicle, traveling Sunday to visit his heartbroken mother following the death of his 15-year-old sister Eliza, when the car was pulled over.

With the car being towed, Ross started to cry.

“I knew I was going to jail due to a petty warrant,” Ross wrote on Facebook.

Officers in Michigan — where Ross’s outstanding misdemeanor warrant was issued — refused to pick the man up because of the distance, he wrote.

When an officer, identified as Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. David Robison, learned of Ross’s situation, he decided to drive Ross to visit his family.

"I broke down crying, and he saw the sincerity in my cry,” Ross wrote in the viral post, which features a selfie of Ross and Robison. “He reaches over and began praying over me and my family,” he described in the viral post.

Ross concluded his post with an admittance of his own struggle to embrace police enforcement. “Everybody knows how much I dislike Cops but I am truly Greatful for this Guy.”

But Sunday’s events and the kindness of Sgt. Robison caused Ross to admit, “He gave me hope.”

The original Facebook post has now been shared about 100,000 times.

EDITOR’S NOTE. I would think that Sgt. Robison obtained permission from higher-ups in the Ohio State Police to give Ross a lift to Detroit. The Ohio State Police and Robison are to be commended for this heartfelt act of kindness. On the other hand, if Robison took Ross to Detroit without receiving permission, he should be suspended and demoted, if not fired.

BLM, please note that Ross is black and Robison is a white cop!


By Lea Wilson | Click 2 Houston | September 28, 2016

A pizza shop break-in turned into a chase Wednesday in northeast Houston.

According to investigators, four people in a stolen van smashed into a Little Caesars in the 6200 block of Lyons.

The burglars stole money, police said. Officers were able to find the van because of a tracking device in the cash.

Police said the driver led them on a chase, reaching speeds of up to 90 miles per hour.

It ended at Homestead near Tidwell, where the accused thieves ran away.

Three people were arrested and one person is still on the run, police said.


By David Hernandez | The San Diego Union-Tribune | September 27, 2016

SAN DIEGO -- Authorities say a federal agent accidentally shot a deputy’s leg at the sheriff’s station in Lemon Grove while unloading a handgun that was seized by a joint task force Monday.

The deputy’s injury was not considered life-threatening, sheriff’s spokeswoman Jan Caldwell said.

The names of the deputy and the federal agent were not released.

The agent and other members of the unnamed task force recovered the .22 handgun while serving a search warrant in East County, Caldwell said.

The task force members returned to the sheriff’s station on Main Street to secure evidence about 5:30 p.m. While unloading the handgun, the agent accidentally discharged the gun, striking the deputy in the lower leg, Caldwell said.

The deputy was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive.

Authorities did not say whether the agent was placed on leave.

Sheriff’s detectives are investigating the shooting.

EDITOR’S NOTE: In the name of transparency, I demand that the authorities immediately release the names of the federal agent and deputy, as well as all body camera and sheriff’s station surveillance camera videos of the shooting!


VICE News | September 23, 2016

Phoenix chief of police Joseph Yahner announced Thursday that three officers have chosen to resign after a teenager said the cops forced him to eat all the marijuana in his car, ABC News reports.

The 19-year-old, whose name has not been released, was pulled over during a traffic stop in the middle of the night on September 13. When the police spotted around a gram of weed in his car, the teen claims they told him to eat it or else face jail time. He swallowed the marijuana and reportedly felt sick after.

"Their actions are appalling and unacceptable," Yahner said. "This conduct is against everything that we stand for."

The officers were identified as Richard G. Pina, Jason E. McFadden, and Michael J. Carnicle. Yahner said that two of the cops are also being investigated to see if their actions were criminal. A fourth Phoenix police officer was demoted to sergeant for knowing about the incident and not reporting it.

"I was going to fire them," Yahner continued. "They chose to resign."

EDITOR’S NOTE: Aw come on Chief, they were only trying to make sure he ate his veggies.

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Ah hah! Hillary has conveniently erased Bill's State of the Union speech from her mind when she condemns Trump on immigration.