Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Getting killed by racist cops is not the leading cause of death


How a war between Russia and the US would kill 34 MILLION in hours: Horrific simulation shows Earth obliterated by carpet of atomic bombs

By Ian Randall

Daily Mail
September 17, 2019

Researchers have developed a terrifying simulation that shows how an escalating nuclear war between the United States/NATO and Russia would play out.

The model — based on realistic data on nuclear force postures, targets and causality estimates — predicts that 34.1 million people would die within hours.

The catastrophic conflict would leave another 55.9 million injured — figures which do not include subsequent deaths from nuclear fallout and other effects.

The team behind the video hope that the simulation will highlight the apocalyptic consequences and cost to humanity of nuclear war between the two blocs.

The four-minute video was created by engineering and international affairs expert Alex Glaser of Princeton University and colleagues.

The simulation, dubbed 'Plan A', was drawn up based on various independent assessments of current US and Russian military postures, nuclear war plans and corresponding weapons targets.

It included extensive data on the number of nuclear weapons currently deployed, bomb yields and the order in which such a war would likely progress.

A nuclear war would likely evolve from an initial phase of tactical targeting through to a strategic period intended to take out each side's offensive nuclear capacity.

Finally, a phase of targeting key cities to impede opposition recovery would begin.

'It is estimated that there would be more than 90 million people dead and injured within the first few hours of the conflict,' the researchers wrote.

The simulation begins within the context of a conventional, non-nuclear conflict.

In the scenario, Russia fires a nuclear warning shot from a base near Kaliningrad, on the Black Sea, with the aim of halting a US–NATO advance.

In response, NATO hits Russia with a single tactical nuclear air strike, from which the conflict escalates to a tactical nuclear war across Europe.

At this point, the simulation anticipates that Russia would deliver around 300 nuclear warheads — carried either by aircraft or short-range missiles — against NATO bases and advancing troops.

The international military alliance would then respond with around 180 aircraft-borne nukes.

At this stage, casualties would be expected to reach around 2.6 million people within a three-hour period and Europe is left essentially destroyed.

Following this, NATO acts from the continental US and nuclear submarine fleets, launching a strategic nuclear strike of around 600 warheads with the aim of taking out Russia's nuclear capability.

Before this strike hits, Russia launches nukes from its complement of missile silos, submarines and mobile launch pads.

The model projects 3.4 million casualties from this phase of the war, which would last only 45 minutes.

In the final phase of the conflict, both sides take aim at each other's 30 most populated cities and economic centres — deploying 5–10 nukes for each one — to attempt to inhibit each side's recovery from the war.

Such a move, the researchers conclude, would see 85.3 million casualties within the space of 45 minutes.

The total number of immediate fatalities in this scenario would exceed 34.1 million people — and does not include the subsequent deaths that would invariably result as a consequence of nuclear fallout and other related long-term effects.

The researchers said that the project is intended to highlight the potentially devastating consequences of the current nuclear war plans maintained by the US and Russian military forces.

'The risk of nuclear war has increased dramatically in the past two years,' the researchers wrote.

'The United States and Russia have abandoned long-standing nuclear arms control treaties, started to develop new kinds of nuclear weapons and expanded the circumstances in which they might use nuclear weapons.'


by Bob Walsh

The formerly great state of California has had a plan for some time to reintroduce Chinook salmon in significant numbers into the McCloud River, which flows uninhibited into Lake Shasta in NorCal. This involved marshaling some equipment on the lake prior to moving it into Battle Creek. The feds control the lake.

About ten days ago the Forest Service (feds) told the Dept. of Water Resources (state) to get their shit out of the lake. It seems they lack a special use permit necessary to move and temporarily install their equipment.

This is further interesting as another federal agency, the Bureau of Reclamation (they actually operate the dam) withdrew its support for the fish.

The McCloud River stays cold year around so it is ideal for spawning Chinook salmon. Warm water is bad for both the eggs and the hatchlings.

The cease and desist order pointed out that a fine and imprisonment could result from non-compliance.


by Bob Walsh

I saw some very interesting video clips on the news yesterday morning. The clips were of a mob of over a dozen people being the shit out of and robbing people. The interesting thing is that from the video clips it looked like all the victims were white and all the attackers were black. Nobody mentioned it, not even once.

One of the commentators did dance around the subject, indirectly. He asserted that the matter is not being investigated as a "hate crime" because the victims were not attacked because they were white, they were attacked because they were intoxicated and therefore fairly safe targets. I guess there were no drunk black people in Minneapolis that night.

The Chief of Police, who is also black, was interviewed for one of the video clips. He didn't mention it either. The clip did say that he has been asking for more cops for some time and the city is not being very helpful with funding. I guess the city council doesn't care if drunk white guys get the shit beat out of them.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Bob, where have you been? It hasn't been politically correct for some time to mention the color of a criminal. Way back in the 1970s, College of the Mainland's president reprimanded the school's chief of police for describing the suspect of a crime on campus as a black male.


by Bob Walsh

On Monday morning in Rockdale County, GA. there was a bit of unpleasantness between an armed homeowner and three masked, armed bad guys on his front lawn about 0400. It ended up with the masked "men" doing the dirt dance and the home owner still standing.

The three "men" were actually teenagers, two brothers and a friend. Two hand guns were found at the scene so it seems that two of them were armed. For some reason not yet clear the home owner, who is a truck driver, showed up on his front lawn at about 4 a.m. to confront the three masked trespassers. At least one of the masked bad guys fired on the home owner with a hand gun. The home owner returned fire with what is being described as a semi-automatic rifle. The bad guys missed. The good guy didn't.

The bad guy's families and friends are pissing and moaning about why did the home owner have to shoot them all. Nobody is saying jack about why three teenagers were out wearing masks and armed on some guys lawn at 0400. The home owners property is posted heavily with NO TRESPASSING signs. His mother lives there and he is said by neighbors to be a good guy and very protective of his mother. I suspect he has some sort of external surveillance system that alerted him to the presence of the armed, masked trespassers and that is how he came to confront them outside of the home at that time.

In any event the cops are taking no action against the home owner, at least as of yet. It isn't real clear from news stories but I think all the actors in this drama are black, so the BLM psychos are not being stupid so far.


AOC blames US immigration crisis on climate change

by John Gage

Washington Examiner
September 16, 2019

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that climate change was behind the illegal immigration crisis on the southern border, saying the country needed to consider "climate refugees in our immigration policies."

"Remember when we said climate change would cause mass migration, & the right called us crazy?" the New York Democrat said Monday on Twitter. "Well, it’s happening. And walling ourselves off from the world isn’t a plan for our future."

The 29-year-old congresswoman attached an article to her tweet from Mic that claimed 7 million people were forced from their homes because of extreme weather.

Ocasio-Cortez made a similar claim in April linking illegal immigration to climate change.

"The far-right loves to drum up fear & resistance to immigrants. But have you ever noticed they never talk about what‘s causing people to flee their homes in the first place? Perhaps that’s bc they’d be forced to confront 1 major factor fueling global migration: Climate change," she said.

Ocasio-Cortez has been outspoken on both climate change and illegal immigration, proposing the Green New Deal in February and protesting against President Trump's hard-line positions on illegal immigration.


Florida couple had sex in the back of a police car after DUI arrest, cops say

By C. Isaiah Smalls II

Miami Herald
September 17, 2019

There is a time and place for everything. And, more often than not, that place is rarely in the back of a police car.

A Florida couple face a list of charges after a deputy said they had sex in the back of his patrol car.

The Nassau County deputy originally arrested 31-year-old Aaron Thomas and 35-year-old Megan Mondanaro on DUI charges. And then things got a little frisky in the back seat.

According to an arrest report, a deputy observed the couple riding bikes with no lights in the middle of South Fletcher Avenue. After they narrowly escaped being hit by a car, the deputy pulled them over. He noted that the couple smelled from alcohol and had bloodshot eyes.

Eventually, the deputy placed the couple in the backseat of his patrol car. That’s when the couple started going at it.

“While I was outside of my patrol vehicle, Megan and Aaron took their clothes off and started to have sex,” the deputy wrote. “When I opened up the door to stop them, Aaron was naked and Megan had her pants down.”

Thomas, while being removed from the vehicle, somehow managed to escape the grasp of the deputy and took off running through a nearby parking lot. He was later caught behind a Cold Stone Creamery. The sheriff’s office added an extra theft charge after deputies said he took the handcuffs with him during his brief time on the lam.

Thomas and Mondanaro are being held at a detention facility in Nassau County. Mondanaro’s bond was set at $12,508; Thomas is being held without bond.

Mondanaro and Thomas have extensive rap sheets. Most recently, Thomas served 46 days for assaulting a law enforcement officer. Mondanaro recently served 60 days for a parole violation stemming from a prior conviction.