Friday, March 10, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Kyle Scarber, 53, used to be a big deal. He was an assistant chief of the California Highway Patrol. He was allowed to resign without further disciplinary action after he aided his son to flee the country rather than face a rape beef.

He is now facing criminal charges of his own in that case. He is also petitioning CalPERS to affirm his disability retirement request which would give him about $125,000 free of taxes. His disability claim centers on a doctor's visit made eight days AFTER he aided his son in fleeing the state to Mexico.

CalPERS is, at the moment, maintaining the position that he was dismissed for misbehavior rather than allowed to retire. Unfortunately that isn't what the official record says. In fact the CHP took no action against him at the time of his separation from the department.

The son, Spencer Scarber, was convicted in absentia as he fled after the trial had started. He was finally captured in Mexico.

If convicted of the felonies he is charged with he could ;lose 3% of his pension, as 97% of his work history took place before his alleged commission of the crimes.

Once you get high up enough it is indeed difficult to fall all the way. Not impossible, but very difficult. He is maintaining Fresno County is beefing him unfairly, that his son got an unfair trial and law enforcement did not fully investigate claims of threats made against him and his family.

Maybe the punkass would have been acquitted at his trial if he hadn't fled to Mexico.

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