Sunday, March 5, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Our fearless leader sent out a tweet on Saturday asserting that "President Obama" ordered phones tapped at Trump election headquarters during the rather nasty election campaign. Against all normal instinct it seems that it is likely to be true, at least sort of.

Assuming all the talking heads are getting it right, which maybe they are not, it seems that maybe the FISA court(foreign intelligence surveillance act) did in fact approve a secret order to tap some of the phones due to belief-suggestion-fears that a foreign intelligence agency (presumably the Russians) had something going, either actively or passively, with the Trump campaign.

It is my understanding that the FISA court turns down less than 1% of the warrants requested, and that the bar is very high to get one of these orders. That opinion, however, is based on third-hand info and media reports which may, or may not, be correct.

Assuming this did happen Trump is going to look like an idiot if it turned out the Russians had some sort of active pipeline into the Trump campaign. On the other hand if it turns out they did not, it will may the Obama-Hillary camp look like an even bigger pack of fools than they already are.

It is likely that this situation will develop more fully over the next 2-3 days. This is one of those incredible, bizarre stories that I expect will eventually generate a truthful report due to the issues that are on the line. At least I hope so.

EDITOR'S NOTE: It also looks like Trump may have gotten his information from the 'fake news' internet.

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