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You couldn't get me to do this if you paid me a million bucks per hour.


I'll be damned if I can figure out how he does this. I did it three different ways and each time he 'read my mind.'


A California sheriff’s deputy is minus an AR-15 because he drove off with the gun lying on top of his patrol car’s trunk lid

BarkGrowlBite | January 31, 2016

People are always driving off with a cup of coffee sitting on top of the car’s roof. Worse yet, sometimes they drive off with their brief case or the day’s cash receipts sitting on to pf the car. And even worse than that, how about leaving an AR-15 sitting on top of the car’s trunk lid?

That’s exactly what an unnamed Orange County (California) sheriff’s deputy did Tuesday. The deputy walked out of the Southwest Operations Division's Aliso Viejo station around 7 p.m. to begin his patrol shift. He placed an AR-15 on top of the patrol car’s trunk lid. He either got distracted, or his mind wandered, because he got in the car and drove off without securing the gun inside the patrol car. Around 3:15 a.m. Wednesday, he discovered the rifle was gone.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

A search for the missing rifle was launched immediately.

"Numerous resources including reserve deputies, bloodhounds and investigative personnel immediately began a search of the area in and around the station as well as retracing the streets he drove on," the sheriff's department said in a prepared release.

The search for the rifle continues, and the sheriff's department appealed to the public Wednesday for help in locating the weapon.

I’ll bet that deputy is not only deeply embarrassed, but he’s also in deep shit. I’m sure he’s facing a couple or more days off without pay. And if the rifle is not recovered real soon, its cost will be deducted from the poor schmuck’s paycheck.


The Canadian cops apparently cut off the chase when the ATM broke free from the chain used to drag it away

By Allison Elkin | VICE News | January 27, 2016

In a scenario that sounds like it came right out of a Trailer Park Boys episode (because it did), three suspects used a pickup truck to ram through the the doors of a strip club that doubles as a church in Guelph, Ontario—called the Manor—in a failed attempt to steal an ATM. When cops arrived after being called just before 7 AM today, they witnessed the truck pulling the ATM by a chain on the snow-covered ground down a street beside the club.

Sam Cohen, the general manager of the Manor, told VICE that the incompetent thieves did approximately $100,000 in damage.

"It didn't go their way, they spent all that time planning and trying to get it out, it took them ten times longer than they probably thought it would," Cohen said. "They pull out the chain, and they're literally dragging [the ATM] like a sled down the street... in the end, they have to pull away so fast that they lose the ATM."

Cohen described what he saw on the club's surveillance tape, which has now been handed over to police for the investigation.

"There were men entering the club through one door, they scope out the ATM, they come through the front door, they wrap the ATM with some chain," he said. "It took them a while to get it out because they were having some difficulty." Then, he said, the ATM fell down some stairs, and they had to chain it back up. They then proceeded to attach the chain to the end of the truck through the front door, and "ripped it through the wall."

The Manor is a fixture in the community. It was the previous home of Canadian beer mogul George Sleeman, the family who owns it was the subject of a 2013 feature-length, award-winning documentary, The Manor.

Though the would-be thieves chose a strange time to try to steal the ATM—in the early morning on a weekday—Cohen suspects it's because they probably assumed most people in the building were asleep at that time (the building also serves as a residence). He said that a cleaner became aware of the situation and that some of their tenants who live across the street also saw the truck and called police.

Cops followed the truck for several blocks, at which point the ATM broke loose and the thieves were forced to make the decision to leave it behind and pull away. The truck, a dark-colored, four-door Ford F-150, was last seen heading toward Cambridge, Ontario. There is no description of suspects available at this time.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I’m at a loss for words as to why the cops did not continue to chase the burglars after the ATM fell free. To me, that’s gross incompetence.

A church that doubles as a strip club? Now that’s a neat church. I’ll bet it gets a lot of converts … male converts that is.

I can just see the preacher finishing his sermon, “The Wages of Sin is Death,” by announcing, “Amen … OK, the bar is now open, come on down girls.”

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Yesterday was one of the proudest days of my long life. My youngest granddaughter officially became a police officer.

Getting to pin her badge on that young lady during the police academy graduation ceremony was a great honor for me.

Best of all is that my granddaughter is now an officer with a Dallas-Fort Worth area police department, one that is considered among the very best in the Great State of Texas. That police agency requires that all applicants must have a four-year college degree. The academy’s basic training course lasted six months and far exceeded the requirements of the Texas law enforcement licensing commission.

Now you can see why yesterday was one of the proudest days of my long life.

Friday, January 29, 2016


By bob Walsh

A combination of things led to very bad luck for three muggers in SF recently. Whether they were due to a clever victim, pure luck or politics is hard to say, could be a combination.

Scott Weiner is a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the local legislative body of the City and County of San Francisco. Last month he was mugged by three people who wanted his cell phone. He did them a deal and told them he would give them $200 that he would withdraw from an ATM if they did NOT take his phone.

He held up his end of the bargain. Surprisingly, they did likewise. Weiner SAYS he deliberately maneuvered them so they would show up on the ATM camera.

Using the photos the cops (who probably seldom actually INVESTIGATE cell phone robberies if they don’t involve local politicians) recently managed to arrest Damien Wells, 19 and Lasonya Wells, 40. The third suspect is still at large.

Damien Wells was on felony probation at the time of the crime. He and the female are facing various charges including robbery, extortion, RSP, grand theft and really bad choice of victims. (OK, I made that last one up.)


By Bob Walsh

Various broadcast news outlets are reporting today a number of poisonings, including at least two deaths, due to a do-it-yourself concoction known popularly as Dew-Shine.

Dew-Shine is a mixture of Mountain Dew and racing fuel. It is drunk mostly by redneck teenage boys who are really, really stupid. The principle ingredient of racing fuel is Methyl Alcohol, often with a little nitro-benzine thrown in. It will get you drunk, just before you DIE. Methyl Alcohol and Ethyl Alcohol are NOT the same thing. This shit WILL KILL YOU.

So, as a public service for all the not-too-bright teenage boys out there, stick to mixing your Mountain Dew with Everclear or a decent vodka. If you are lucky and don’t do anything else stupid you will probably survive that experience.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Clifford Ray Jones was driving along in Detroit while watching porn and beating his meat when suddenly his car had an orgasm and ejected his naked ass out through the sunroof

BarkGrowlBite | January 28, 2016

The Michigan State Police investigated a fatal traffic accident that occurred at 3:30 a.m. Sunday in Detroit.

It seems as though a 1966 Toyota had an orgasm because Clifford Ray Jones, 58, was driving while watching porn on his cellphone and beating his meat. The car got so excited that it lost control and threw Jones, who was naked from the waist down and not wearing a seat belt, out through the sunroof, killing him.

Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw said it’s the strangest thing he’s ever encountered on the roadway. “We see people putting on makeup, we see people doing different things as far as hygiene, as far as reading books, it’s almost to the fact there’s so much technology out there a lot of people are more paying attention to what they’re doing other than driving their cars,” he told reporters.

The moral of this story is that an old fart and an old car don’t mix if the driver is watching porn and beating his meat. Come to think of it though, a young dude and a 2016 model car wouldn’t mix either under the same circumstances.

In other words, keep your fucking hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.


Family dispute over cell phone leads to jury trial

By David Goins | WFAA | January 27, 2016

DALLAS – A Dallas County jury found a father not guilty Tuesday of theft for taking away his daughter’s cell phone as punishment.

Ronald Jackson, 36, was charged with theft of property of at least $50 but under $500, a Class B misdemeanor.

Dallas County Criminal Court Judge Lisa Green ordered the jury to find Jackson not guilty after ruling the state failed to present sufficient evidence to continue the case.

Jackson said he took his 12-year-old daughter’s cell phone as punishment after finding inappropriate texts in September 2013. A few hours later, officers from the Grand Prairie Police Department showed up at his front door, asking for the iPhone 4 back.

"At that point, I decided the police don't interfere with my ability to parent my daughter," Jackson said.

Michelle Steppe, the child's mother, sees it differently.

"As a mom, I'm upset because — number one — the property belongs to me," she said.

Steppe told jurors on Monday she called police the day her daughter lost the use of her phone for disciplinary reasons.

"You can't take someone's property, regardless if you're a parent or not," Steppe said.

Ronald Jackson and Michelle Steppe readily admit they are not a couple anymore. Jackson said they were never married but had a child together. Steppe said Jackson didn't become a part of his daughter's life until she was seven.

Three months after the phone incident, Jackson received a citation in the mail for theft of property less than $50 in value, a Class C misdemeanor. According to court documents, the city attorney's office offered a plea deal in January 2014 if Jackson returned the phone.

Jackson hired an attorney and requested a jury trial in municipal court.

Court filings indicate the city attorney's office requested the case be dismissed that same month and refiled with the Dallas County District Attorney's office as a more stringent Class B misdemeanor, punishable by six months in jail and a $2,000 fine.

Cameron Gray, a defense attorney representing Jackson, said a warrant was issued, and his client was arrested at his home in the middle of the night in April 2015. Jackson posted a cash bail of $1,500 to get out of jail.

During the two-day trial, Jackson's daughter, now 15, took the stand and testified about her father taking her phone.

"It was the last thing as a mother I wanted my daughter to go through," Steppe says. "I'm always here for my kids."

Steppe said she was confused by the verdict because she purchased the phone and maintained cell phone plans under her name.

"Even if you purchase something with your own money and have a receipt, it's not yours," Steppe says. "Someone can take it from you."

Jackson says the ordeal has permanently ended any chances to have a relationship with his daughter.

"I have to separate myself from them," Jackson says. "I can't ever have a relationship with them again."

Gray says the case is not over. He says he plans to file a federal complaint for civil rights violations for the way his client was treated by the Grand Prairie Police Department and the city attorney's office.

Detective Lyle Gensler with Grand Prairie police told News8 officers made several unsuccessful attempts to return the property to its owner.

"After unsuccessful recover of the property, this case, as with any other of this monetary value, was investigated and those results were provided to the Dallas County District Attorney’s Intake Office who subsequently forwarded it to the trial court for prosecution,” Gensler said in a statement.

Jackson still has the phone.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Accept a theft complaint because a father took his brat daughter’s phone away? It must have been a slow day, a really slow day, at the Dallas County district attorney’s office.

The DA allowed a vindictive ex-live-in to play his office like a fiddle. Her vindictiveness, together with the connivance of the DA, cost this father an arm and a leg.


Anna Stubblefield, the former chair of the philosophy department at Rutgers University, wrote a long handwritten letter from jail to Judge Siobhan Teare begging for mercy because she had been motivated by love when she had sex with the disabled man

Here we have another educated idiot in academia. Anna Stubblefield, the former chair of the philosophy department at Rutgers University, was convicted of raping a diaper clad mute suffering from cerebral palsy who, it was determined, was incapable of giving consent.

On December 26, Dr. Stubblefield wrote a long handwritten letter from jail to Essex County Superior Court Judge Siobhan Teare, begging for mercy because she had been motivated by love when she had sex with the disabled man. She claimed their “romantic relationship was consensual and mutually loving.”

The professor’s letter failed to impress Judge Teare because on Friday he sentenced the educated idiot to a 12-year term in prison.

Dr. Stubblefield will enjoy ample opportunities to find mutually loving romantic relationships with her fellow prison inmates.

In the letter, Anna Stubblefield claimed their ‘romantic relationship was consensual and mutually loving’

By Julian Robinson | Daily Mail | January 25, 2016

A professor convicted of sexually assaulting a disabled man wrote a begging letter to a judge insisting she had only been acting out of love.

Anna Stubblefield, the former chair of the philosophy department at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey, was jailed for 12 years over her relationship with the 35-year-old man who has cerebral palsy and is unable to speak.

The 46-year-old, who was accused of using her position to take advantage of the man, known as DJ, said he had consented to the relationship by communicating on a keyboard.

In a letter she wrote from the Essex County Correctional Facility, she told Superior Court Judge Siobhan Teare that her actions 'were motivated by love, and my love was grounded in my belief in (the disabled man's) intelligence and humanity'.

The December 26 note, obtained by NJ Advance Media, was sent to the judge prior to sentencing and stated the same arguments she had used while giving evidence during her trial.

'I believed that he and I were intellectual equals and that our romantic relationship was consensual and mutually loving.'

She added that she was 'raised by parents who are committed to the cause of equal rights for people with disabilities'.

Stubblefield wrote that she originally saw the man as a friend but that 'then something happened that took me by surprise – we fell in love.'

She said she would have 'waited' had she foreseen his family's negative reaction to the relationship.

Stubblefield added: 'I regret and sincerely apologize for the distress my actions have caused to his family.'

On her release, Stubblefield will be on supervised parole for the rest of her life and will be required to register as a sex offender.

The tense and emotional sentencing hearing earlier this month included testimony from the victim's brother and Stubblefield's daughter. Stubblefield's daughter was later removed from the courtroom by officers after cursing at the brother.

Stubblefield met the 35-year-old man in 2009 through his brother, who had been taking her course. Over the next two years, Stubblefield worked with the man using a method known as facilitated communication. She argued that although he could not speak, he could communicate by typing.

She said the two were in love and they revealed their sexual relationship to his mother and brother in 2011.

Prosecutors challenged the method of facilitated communication, and psychologists determined that he was mentally incompetent and couldn't consent to sexual activity.

The judge barred expert testimony on facilitated communication, determining it's 'not a recognized science.'

She was put on trial after being accused of raping the mute, diaper-wearing man in her office in Newark, New Jersey in 2011.

The philosophy professor testified in her own defense last month that she and the man, known to the court only as DJ, were in a consensual relationship and 'in love'.

DJ, who is unable to speak, needs help eating and walking and is forced to wear diapers, is intellectually disabled, according to his mother and brother who act as his legal guardians.

In Stubblefield's written explanation of her sexual interactions with DJ, she wrote he had 'he lowered himself off the bed on to the floor and scooted out the door down the hall to the front room'.

The prosecutor said DJ uses 'scooting' as a method of communication, to get to the fridge if he is hungry or to the sink if he is thirsty. Plant suggested DJ used 'scooting' during the sexual interaction with Stubblefield in order to get away.

'He did not understand what was going on, did not have the ability other than to scoot out,' Plant said.

During the trial the prosecution had questioned how DJ could communicate if he wanted to stop during another sexual incident on the floor of Stubblefield's Newark office. Stubblefield said he could bang on the floor.

Stubblefield, who plans to appeal her conviction, had faced a maximum prison sentence of 40 years on Friday. Prosecutors asked for a 15-year sentence, while her lawyer asked for probation.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


By Brad Heath

January 21, 2016

WASHINGTON — For nearly two weeks last year, the FBI operated what it described as one of the Internet’s largest child pornography websites, allowing users to download thousands of illicit images and videos from a government site in the Washington suburbs.

The operation — whose details remain largely secret — was at least the third time in recent years that FBI agents took control of a child pornography site but left it online in an attempt to catch users who officials said would otherwise remain hidden behind an encrypted and anonymous computer network. In each case, the FBI infected the sites with software that punctured that security, allowing agents to identify hundreds of users.

The Justice Department acknowledged in court filings that the FBI operated the site, known as Playpen, from Feb. 20 to March 4, 2015. At the time, the site had more than 215,000 registered users and included links to more than 23,000 sexually explicit images and videos of children, including more than 9,000 files that users could download directly from the FBI. Some of the images described in court filings involved children barely old enough for kindergarten.

That approach is a significant departure from the government’s past tactics for battling online child porn, in which agents were instructed that they should not allow images of children being sexually assaulted to become public. The Justice Department has said that children depicted in such images are harmed each time they are viewed, and once those images leave the government’s control, agents have no way to prevent them from being copied and re-copied to other parts of the internet.

Officials acknowledged those risks, but said they had no other way to identify the people accessing the sites.

“We had a window of opportunity to get into one of the darkest places on Earth, and not a lot of other options except to not do it,” said Ron Hosko, a former senior FBI official who was involved in planning one of the agency’s first efforts to take over a child porn site. “There was no other way we could identify as many players.

Lawyers for child pornography victims expressed surprise that the FBI would agree to such tactics – in part because agents had rejected them in the past – but nonetheless said they approved. “These are places where people know exactly what they’re getting when they arrive,” said James Marsh, who represents some of the children depicted in some of the most widely-circulated images. “It’s not like they’re blasting it out to the world.”

The FBI hacks have drawn repeated – though so far unsuccessful – legal challenges, largely centered on the search warrants agents obtained before agents cracked the computer network.

But they have also prompted a backlash of a different kind. In a court filing, a lawyer for one of the men arrested after the FBI sting charged that “what the government did in this case is comparable to flooding a neighborhood with heroin in the hope of snatching an assortment of low-level drug users.” The defense lawyer, Colin Fieman, asked a federal judge to throw out child pornography charges against his client, former middle school teacher Jay Michaud. A federal judge is scheduled to hear arguments on that request Friday.

Federal agents first noticed Playpen not long after it went online in August, 2014. The site was buried in what is often called the “dark web,” a part of the internet that is accessible to the public only through Tor, network software that bounces users’ internet traffic from one computer to another to make it largely untraceable.

By March of last year, the FBI said, Playpen had grown to become “the largest remaining known child pornography hidden service in the world,” the Justice Department said in a court filing. FBI agents tracked the site to computer servers in North Carolina, and in February seized the site and quietly moved it to its own facility in Newington, Va.

The FBI kept Playpen online for 13 days. During that time, federal prosecutors told defense lawyers that the site included more than 23,000 sexually explicit images and videos of children. Some of those could be downloaded directly from the government’s computers; others were available through links to other hard-to-find locations on the web, Fieman said.

One section of the site was labeled “toddlers,” according to court records. And prosecutors said that some of the images users accessed during the time Playpen was under the government’s control included “prepubescent female” having sexual intercourse with adults.

Fieman said more than 100,000 Playpen registered users visited the site while it was under the FBI’s control. The Justice Department said in court filings that agents had found “true” computer addresses for more than 1,300 of them, and has told defense lawyers that 137 have been charged with a crime, though it has so far declined to publicly identify those cases.

Law enforcement has long complained that online services like Tor create a type of safe haven for criminals because they hide the unique network addresses from which people connect to sites on the internet. Officials said the only way for the government to crack that network was to take over the site and infect it with malware that would trick users’ web browsers into revealing their real internet addresses, which agents could then trace back to the people who were using them.

“The government always considers seizing an illegal child pornography site and removing it from existence immediately and permanently,” Justice Department spokesman Peter Carr said. “While doing so would end the trafficking of child pornography taking place on that one website, it would do nothing to prevent those same users from disseminating child pornography through other means.”

Still, he said, “The decision whether to simply shut down a website or to allow it to continue operating for a brief period for a law enforcement purpose is a difficult one.”

Justice officials said they were unable to discuss details of the investigation because much of it remains under seal, at their request.

The Justice Department said in court filings that agents did not post any child pornography to the site themselves. But it did not dispute that the agents allowed images that were already on the site to remain there, and that it did not block the site’s users from uploading new ones while it was under the government’s control. And the FBI has not said it had any ability to prevent users from circulating the material they downloaded onto other sites.

“At some point, the government investigation becomes indistinguishable from the crime, and we should ask whether that’s OK,” said Elizabeth Joh, a University of California Davis law professor who has studied undercover investigations. “What’s crazy about it is who’s making the cost/benefit analysis on this? Who decides that this is the best method of identifying these people?”

The FBI was first known to have operated a child porn site in 2012, when agents seized control of three sites from their operator in Nebraska. FBI Special Agent Jeff Tarpinian testified that the government “relocated two servers to an FBI facility here in Omaha and we continued to let those child pornography run – websites operate for a short period of time."

That case led to federal child pornography charges against at least 25 people. But in an illustration of how difficult the cases can be, at least nine of the people charged in those cases are still identified in court records only as “John Doe,” suggesting the FBI has so far been unable to link specific people to the network addresses it logged.

The next year, the FBI took control of a dark web site known as Freedom Hosting. The man prosecutors have accused of operating that site, Eric Marques, is due to be extradited to the United States; the charges against him remain sealed. The FBI revealed its role in an Irish court hearing covered by local media.

In each case, the FBI injected the site with malware to crack Tor’s anonymity.

Those hacks, developed with the help of outside contractors, were a technical milestone. When the FBI first realized it could break through Tor, Hosko said the agency gathered counterterrorism investigators and intelligence agencies to see if any of them had a more pressing need for the software. “It was this, exponentially,” Hosko said.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Holy Shit! First the ATF supplies the Mexican drug cartels with guns and now the FBI disseminates child pornography. What’s next?

And will anyone with the FBI get prosecuted for distributing thousands of child pornography images? Very likely not. But a citizen can get busted for possession of child pornography if he had just one child porn image on his personal computer.


Even after a teacher’s or school administration fuck-up has been widely circulated by the media, the only comment that will be released by the school administration is that they cannot comment on the matter because of the student’s rights to privacy

Time after time I have read or seen on TV reports where teachers or school administrations have fucked up in disciplining students. Even after the reports have been widely circulated by the media, the only comment that will be released by the school administration is that they cannot comment on the matter because of the “students’ rights to confidentiality.” Thus school administrations are able to take cover behind a student’s rights to privacy.

Here is the perfect example of a school administration cover-up of a teacher’s and administration fuck-up in the Killeen Independent School District. Killeen, Texas is where Fort Hood is located.

The report was broadcast by TV stations and widely circulated throughout the U.S. and even overseas. And yet the school superintendent only released a gobbledygook no comment statement.

Anthony Ruelas was suspended from middle school for helping an asthmatic classmate get to the nurse

By Peter Holley

The Washington Post
January 25, 2016

Anthony Ruelas watched for what seemed like an eternity as his classmate wheezed and gagged in a desperate struggle to breathe.

The girl told classmates that she was having an asthma attack, but her teacher refused to let anyone leave the classroom, according to NBC affiliate KCEN. Instead, the teacher emailed the school nurse and waited for a reply, telling students to stay calm and remain in their seats.

When the girl fell out of her chair several minutes later, Ruelas decided he couldn’t take it anymore and took action.

“We ain’t got time to wait for no email from the nurse,” a teacher’s report quotes him as saying, according to Fox News Latino.

And with that, the 15-year-old Gateway Middle School student carried his stricken classmate to the nurse’s office, violating his teacher’s orders.

The teenager later texted Ruelas to let him know she was fine, according to KWTX, but that didn’t stop officials at the alternative school in the Killeen Independent School District from punishing him: Ruelas was written up by his teacher and eventually suspended for two days, according to KCEN.

“I was like what?” Ruelas told the station. “I’m suspended for this? Like, I was trying to help her.”

A teacher’s report documenting the incident appears to correspond with Ruelas’s version of what transpired:

“During 5th period another student complained that she couldn’t breathe and was having an asthma attack,” the report states. “As I waited for a response from the nurse, the student fell out of her chair to the floor. Anthony proceeded to go over and pick her up, saying ‘f— that, we ain’t got time to wait for no email from the nurse.’ He walks out of class and carries the other student to the nurse.”

Mandy Cortes, Ruelas’s mother, told KCEN that she assumed her son — who has been disciplined by school officials in the past — was to blame when she was informed that he had been suspended again.

“I wasn’t trying to hear it,” she said. “I was like, ‘No, they already told me what happened — you walked out of class.’ And he was like ‘Okay, forget it.’ But I can tell — you know, you know your kids — I could tell he was upset.”

Cortes told KCEN that when she found out what prompted her son to walk out of class, she was proud of him but frustrated by the school’s response.

“Especially with it being an alternative school I feel like the kids hear enough of ‘they’re bad’ or their behavior,” she added. “For them to not be rewarded for really something that is brave, you know, he is a hero to me.”

“He may not follow instructions all the time, but he does have a great heart,” she said, noting that she was now considering home-schooling him.

John Craft, superintendent of the Killeen Independent School District, said in a statement that he could not discuss the suspension.

“The District is unable to provide details related to the matter as it pertains to information involving student discipline and/or health records,” the statement said. “In an effort to protect students’ rights to confidentiality granted under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the details of the investigation and/or disciplinary actions may not be provided by the district at this time. The Killeen ISD maintains the safety of our students, staff and campuses as a priority and applauds the efforts of students who act in good faith to assist others in times of need.”

Ruelas told KCEN that he’s more concerned about his classmate’s health than his suspension. Asked whether he would make the same decision again if he was given the chance, he sounded confident.

“Most definitely,” he said.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


The FBI investigation has concluded that Hillary Clinton be charged with two counts of lying to the FBI and five counts of violating the secrets act

BarkGrowlBite | January 26, 2016

WASHINGTON -- FBI Director James B. Comey announced Monday that the Bureau will recommend to the Attorney General that Hillary Clinton be indicted on seven felony counts. Director Comey said that the FBI investigation has concluded that Hillary Clinton be charged with two counts of lying to the FBI and five counts of violating the secrets act.

Comey revealed the FBI had found strong evidence that, contrary to her repeated denials, Clinton’s private email server contained top secret messages, a violation of the secrets act.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that although President Obama has instructed her that under no circumstances shall she recommend any kind of indictment against Clinton, she cannot shirk the duties of her office. Lynch plans to present the seven felony charges to a federal grand jury next week. “That way Vice President Joe Biden can still enter the presidential race with a good chance to become the Democratic Party nominee,” said Lynch.

“Moreover,” added Lynch, “I can assure you that Mrs. Clinton will be indicted on all seven counts. I know how to play a grand jury. I had plenty of experience when I was the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.”

Then my dog woke me up because she had to go out and pee.



All the instruments and sound equipment of the band The Black Lillies disappear in Houston

BarkGrowlBite | January 26, 2016

The Black Lillies, a rising Tennessee roots-rock band, was in Houston for a Sunday evening gig at the Dosey Doe music hall just north of Houston near the Woodlands. After the show, they loaded all their instruments and sound equipment into a trailer. They parked their 2011 Ford E-350 passenger van and the trailer in the parking lot of the Quality Inn near Bush Intercontinental Airport where they were staying. In the morning they found – poof, like magic – the van and trailer had disappeared.

The hotel’s surveillance video showed a black SUV pulling up next to the trailer around 2:30 a.m. and the van and trailer leaving less than two minutes later.

The band reported that the van and trailer were worth $30,000 and that it would cost them $75,000 to replace the missing instruments and sound equipment.

Howdy podners, ya’ll welcome to Texas … Houston, Texas that is.

Monday, January 25, 2016


Corpus Christi ex-teacher Tanya Ramirez sues student for plastering the video of them having sex on the internet and sues his mother for calling her a child sex predator

BarkGrowlBite | January 25, 2016

Tanya Ramirez, 31, was enjoying her teaching career at King High School in Corpus Christi, Texas. Oh yes, in 2014 she was enjoying her job by having sex with at least two 17-year-old students. You can’t enjoy a teaching job any more than that. There was just one slight problem. She got busted for it and now she is an ex-teacher.

The reason she is now a convicted ex-teacher is because one of the students videoed them having sex and then showed it to all his friends and plastered it on the internet. The video even made it onto You Tube.

Tanya pled guilty to having an improper relationship with a student, and on January 11 she was given seven years probation, ordered to surrender her teaching license, and socked with $14,000 in fines. She does not have to register as a sex offender. In a second case, she pleaded no contest to having sex with another student. It should be noted that neither student had been in one of her classes.

But the story doesn’t end there. Tanya has sued both the student who distributed the video of them having sex and his mother for defaming her.

The lawsuit against the student charges that he “disseminated the video to numerous people and caused the video to be posted on YouTube,” and that his “extreme and outrageous conduct caused her severe emotional distress.”

Amie Pratt, one of Tanya”s attorneys, said “You can't have sex with someone and film it without their knowledge, and post it on the Internet.”

In her lawsuit against Kimberly Tademy, the ‘videographer’s’ mother, Tanya charges that Tademy made false statements to several media outlets, telling them that she had sex with students other than her son, and that Ramirez is a sexual predator of children. The suit claims that the false statements exposed Ramirez to “public hatred, contempt, ridicule, and financial injury, and impeached her honesty and integrity.”

Tanya’s attorneys are appealing her conviction because she had a right to engage in intimacy under the U.S. Constitution, that the student was legally an adult, that the student and Ramirez were consenting adults, and he was not her student.

This leads me to make a few comments.

To begin with, Tanya is a real educated idiot! She and the other educated idiot teachers that have sex with students have to know that the students are very likely to brag to their friends about those sexual escapades. Worse yet, Tanya allowed one of her sexual playmates, whether willingly or not, to video their groans, moans and gyrations.

Furthermore, I hope Tanya prevails in both of the lawsuits. It is true that her intimacies with students were serious violations of Texas laws. But that does not give the student a right to distribute the video of them having sex without her consent.

And as for Kimberly Tademy getting all huffed and puffed up about her darling little innocent 17-year-old child being taken advantage of by Tanya, I’ll bet he had sex with several young girls well before he hooked up with a stupid teacher. You could hardly call Tanya a child sex predator when the students she had sex with were 17-years-old. Tademy apparently enjoyed being in the public limelight with several media outlets and her labeling Tanya a child sex predator went beyond the pale.

Finally, the argument by her lawyers that Tanya had a right to fuck the 17-year-old students under the U.S. Constitution is a bit of a stretch. But they may have a point since the students were not in any of her classes and are considered adults under Texas criminal law.

Sunday, January 24, 2016



A 911 call from a stoned pot trafficker clearly disproves the hogwash that pot makes you smarter

BarkGrowlBite | January 24, 2016

On January 23, 2015, the Rexburg, Idaho police received a 911 call from Leland Ayala-Doliente. Here is part of that emergency call:

Ayala-Dolitente: Hi, uh, we’re the two dumb asses that got caught trying to bring some stuff through your border and all your cops are just driving around us like a bunch of jack wagons and I’d just like for you guys to end it. If you could help me out with that, we would like to just get on with it.

Dispatcher: You got caught doing what?

Ayala-Dolitente: Ahh… okay. Um… We kind of got spooked here trying to bring some stuff across your Idaho border.

Dispatcher: Ok.

Ayala-Dolitente: And, yeah. A bunch of your cops driving around in a bunch of civilian cars not wanting to pick us up. I don’t know what’s the deal. I was just wondering if you could help us out and just end it.

Dispatcher: Ok… um….

Ayala-Dolitente:Yeah… if you could call one of them. I don’t know. It’s getting cold out here man. I just want to get warm and just get on with this whole thing so…

Dispatcher: Ok. Where you at right now?

Ayala-Dolitente: University Boulevard right next to the gas station and Applebee’s. All your buddies are around us so if you could help us out that’d be great.

Dispatcher: Ok… alright. Is it just you or is there anybody else with you?

Ayala-Dolitente: It’s me and my buddy that I brought with me and then we have a dog that we were gonna bring back to it’s owner but…

Dispatcher: Oh ok.

Ayala-Dolitente: She’s a really nice dog. She’s not mean. She’s a pitbull…

Dispatcher: Oh… cool.

Ayala-Dolitente: She’s really cold in the car. She could use some food too.

Dispatcher: Ok. What was your name man?

Ayala-Dolitente: It’s Leland.

Dispatcher: Leland… okay. Hold on just one second okay. Stay on the phone with me.

Ayala-Dolitente: Alright. Thank you.

(speaking to Sward): He’s a nice guy.

Want me to jump in the air and click my heels twice or what?

Dispatcher: Do you guys have any guns or weapons or anything on you at all?

Ayala-Dolitente: Nope we don’t have any of that stuff with us. Just a bunch of snacks and stuff.

Dispatcher: Alright. I just wanna make sure. They’re just curious.

Ayala-Dolitente: Yeah, yeah. We tried walking away from the car a couple times and that didn’t work. We tried waving them down and that didn’t work so I don’t know what’s going on here.

Dispatcher: Ok. I do have one of my marked units. He’s on his way over there so he’s on his way to meet you.

Ayala-Dolitente: Alright. Thank you.

Leland Ayala-Doliente, 22, and his buddy Holland Sward, 23, were en route from Las Vegas to Bozeman, Montana with a 20-pound load of pot. Everything was OK until Leland and Holland got stoned on their merchandize. When they got to Rexburg, Leland got a pot-induced vision of cops circuling around them in civilian cars. That’s what caused Leland to call 911 with the offer of surrender.

When the cops arrived, both stoners had already placed their hands behind their heads. Holland announced, “We got caught and we’re surrendering.”

Holland received 5 years in prison but the judge suspended the sentence and placed him on probation for five years with 30 days in jail.

Leland was not quite as fortunate because - guess what - he was stoned when he showed up in court. reports that Leland received a sentence of 18 months to 8 years in prison. The judge increased Leland's sentence after he tested positive for marijuana, cocaine and oxycodone on his sentencing day.

Pot makes you smarter? I don’t think so. Showing up stoned in court isn't too swift. In fact, Leland and Holland have demonstrated that pot actually makes you stupider!

Saturday, January 23, 2016


by Bob Walsh

Something very unusual, and possibly unique in recent political history, is about to happen. It is completely possible that the identity of the next President of the United States will be determined by two, and ONLY two people, several months before the actual election.

Those two people are Loretta Lynch, head of the Secret Police, and the God-King, Emperor Barack I.

Within the next few weeks Loretta Lynch, who is formally known as the United States Attorney General and who, at least in theory, oversees the FBI, will make a decision as to whether or not Hillary Clinton, and possibly Bill, and possibly Chelsey, and possibly a few others, will be charged with various items of public corruption and grotesque mishandling of intelligence information. Barack I will without a doubt have significant input into that decision, even though strictly speaking it would be illegal for him to do so.

Yes, I realize that even if she does get the nomination there is no guarantee that she would win the election, but it is certainly at this stage of the game an open question. Yes, I realize that Sanders is going great guns, right now, with the Birkenstock crowed. Whether his snake oil will sell in the real world with real voters is also an open question. I still believe my basic premise is sound.


Daniel Holtzclaw was sentenced to serve 263 years in prison after having been convicted on 18 of 36 sexual assault charges, all of which occurred while he was on duty

BarkGrowlBite | January 23, 2016

Talk about being busy while on duty, you couldn’t get any busier than Oklahoma City officer Daniel Holtzclaw was between December 2013 and June 2014. He raped at least four women and sexually assaulted several others, all while on duty.

Holtzclaw was fired in January 2015 after three years on the job as an Oklahoma City cop. In December he was convicted on 18 of 36 sexual assault charges. Thirteen women testified against him. On Thursday a judge sentenced him to serve 263 years in prison, the maximum amount of time allowed under Oklahoma’s laws.

Holtzclaw, 29, who is white, preyed mostly on black women who had been in trouble with the law, thinking they would not be believed if they filed a complaint against him. He found out, much to his dismay, that he was dead wrong.

Shit, for the life of me, I can’t understand why they fired and tried Holtzclaw. It looks to me like he was doing exactly what President Obama and other leaders want cops to do – establish trust with the black community by interacting more with African-Americans. Instead of going to prison for the rest of his life, Holtzclaw should have been promoted and honored as ‘Police Officer of The Year.’


A man was sitting reading the newspaper when his wife hit him round the head with a frying pan.

'What was that for?' the man asked.

The wife replied, 'That was for the piece of paper with the name Jenny on it that I found in your pants pocket.’

The man then said 'When I was at the races last week, Jenny was the name of the horse I bet on.'

The wife apologized and went on with the housework.

Three days later the man is watching TV when his wife bashes him on the head with an even bigger frying pan, knocking him unconscious.

Upon re-gaining consciousness the man asked why she had hit him again.

His wife replied. 'Your horse phoned.'


Muldoon lived alone in the Irish countryside with only a pet dog for company. One day the dog died, and Muldoon went to the parish priest and asked, 'Father, my dog is dead. Could ya' be saying' a mass for the poor creature?'

Father Patrick replied, 'I'm afraid not; we cannot have services for an animal in the church. But there are some Baptists down the lane, and there's no tellin' what they believe. Maybe they'll do something for the creature.'

Muldoon said, 'I'll go right away Father. Do ya' think $5,000 is enough to donate to them for the service?'

Father Patrick exclaimed, 'Sweet Mary, Mother of Jesus! Why didn't ya tell me the dog was Catholic?

Friday, January 22, 2016




First we had suicide by cop, then we had the affluenza defense, and now we have suicide by confession

BarkGrowlBite | January 22, 2016

It wasn’t too long ago that headshrinkers came up with the brilliant idea that some individuals get into shootouts with the police as a form of committing suicide, suicide by cop that is. Now attorneys have come up with another ingenious idea – suicide by confession.

Richard Masterson, 43, was executed Wednesday evening by the state of Texas for the 2001 strangulation of a Houston transvestite. Masterson had confessed to Houston police that he had killed drag queen Darin Honeycutt. He also told his brother that he killed the transvestite. Then, in 2012, he wrote Gov. Greg Abbott, who was Texas Attorney General at the time, that “I meant to kill him. It was no accident.”

Naturally, Masterson’s attorneys filed a last minute appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, arguing in part that their client was “a severely mentally ill, suicidal defendant” and that his confessions amounted to “suicide by confession.”

That’s some doozie. Suicide by confession comes on the heels of another Texas doozie, the affluenza defense. Our lawyers seem to have a knack for coming up with some really big Texas whoppers.

By the way, Masterson’s execution with a single dose of pentobarbital went off without a hitch.


Mario deserved to be happy

By Bob Walsh

Mario Woods, 26, attended an interesting Charter School in the People’s Republic of San Francisco. Many of the students are jail prisoners and probationers. He received his high school diploma yesterday…posthumously.

Mario Woods (who was black) knifed a man for no particular reason in S F on December 2. When confronted by the cops he refused to drop the toad sticker. They nailed him with a few beanbag rounds with no luck. He was shot to death by five SFPD officers, only one of who is white. (SFPD does not issue Tasers to officers.)

His mother said of her son “God had something great for him. He deserved to be happy.” Maybe stabbing people made him happy. He had already done a seven year stretch for robbery. Maybe robbing people made him happy.

The five officers who shot Woods have all recently been returned to modified duty. The DA and IA are still looking at their case.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


An angry Jesse Jackson reacts to the all-white Academy Award nominations, blaming it on the “Hymies that dominate the motion picture industry.”

By Ima Schmuck

Blacks are in an uproar because for the second year in a row no blacks received any Academy Award nominations. Last weekend, Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee called for a boycott of the awards ceremony.

This is not the first time blacks have voiced their complaint that people of color were being overlooked by the academy members who make the Oscar nominations. In 1996, Jesse Jackson slammed the Academy awards, claiming that the one African-American Oscar nominee out of 166 proves the movie industry is biased.

On Monday, a visibly angry Jesse Jackson chimed that, “Hollywood hasn’t progressed one bit since 1996. The Hymies that dominate the motion picture industry must share much of the blame. We should call it Hymiewood.” His reference to Hollywood as Hymiewood is reminiscent of his 1984 reference to Jews as Hymies and New York City as Hymietown.

When Jackson was asked whether the landmark Hollywood sign should be changed to Hyniewood, he replied, “Why not, that’s not a bad idea.”

Al Sharpton also piped in on the absence of black Oscar nominees. “I’m in complete agreement with Jesse,” said Sharpton. “The Hymies run Hollywood and that’s why I feel it is very appropriate to call it Hyniewood. It’s just like back in New York where all the stores and rundown apartment buildings in our black neighborhoods are owned by Jews. They own Hollywood and that’s why blacks do not get Oscar nominations. Hymiewood, I like that.”

When asked what made him think Jews own Hollywood, Sharpton replied, “Everyone knows it. Just ask Gary Oldman.”

In defending Mel Gibson, who was being pilloried for an anti-Semitic tirade, actor Gary Oldman told Playboy magazine in 2014 that Hollywood “is run by Jews.”

Anti Defamation League regional director Amanda Susskind was asked to comment on Jackson’s and Sharpton’s remarks. “There they go again,” said Susskind. “Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are well known for harboring anti-Semitic views. And while Jews are prominent in the motion picture industry, they certainly do not own Hollywood, nor do they control who gets nominated for an Oscar.”


British police stormed a Muslim family home, believing they were targeting terrorists

BarkGrowlBite | January 21, 2016

On December 7, British police stormed the house of a Muslim family in Accrington, Lancashire, believing they were targeting terrorists. After interrogating a young boy and examining his family’s laptop, the cops discovered it was all a bloody mistake.

How could that bloody mistake have happened? Well, this is a real laugher, that is except for one terrorized Muslim family.

According to the BBC, it all happened because the family’s 10-year-old son made a spelling error at his elementary school. During an English lesson, the boy mistakenly wrote that he lived in a “terrorist house,” but what he meant to say was that he lived in a terraced house.

The school reported what he wrote to the authorities, and because the boy was a Muslim, the cops were sure that they were about to uncover a terrorist cell.

The police deny they used any SWAT-type tactics, insisting that only a handful of officers went to the home to interview the family. The family, however, insists the boy and other family members were terrorized by the raid.

This would never have happened in the United States. Our fifth graders would never even attempt to spell either “terrorist” or “terraced.” If they lived in a terraced house and were asked to describe it, they probably couldn’t do that either.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016



A Florida optometrist was unable to reach 911 when one of his clients went into convulsions because the emergency operator was busy ordering pizza

BarkGrowlBite | January 20, 2016

Frances Francois is a dispatcher at the Broward County (Florida) 911 emergency call center. Last September 11, Frances was very busy, busy that is placing a pizza order with Popeye’s Pizza that took more than 8 minutes. Here from 10 News is a partial transcript of her order:

FRANCOIS: “Let me have one slice of cheese pizza.”

RESTAURANT: “All right.”

FRANCOIS: “Let me have a lunch special, a pizza lunch special with two cheese pizza and a Coke.”

RESTAURANT: “All right.”

FRANCOIS: “Let me have the lunch special, two pepperoni and a Coke.”

(The call later continues with her asking for pricing on some of the items and asking other people what they wanted at certain points.)

FRANCOIS: “Let me have a tuna mini on white bread, provolone cheese. Let me have onions and tomato, salt and pepper and oil and vinegar. How much is that one?”

(The order came out to about $45.)

While Frances was busy with her lunch order, a Fort Lauderdale optometrist was frantically trying to call 911 because one of his clients had gone into convulsions. He tried twice without any luck. Another person present during the emergency then dialed 911 from her cellphone, but her call was also ignored, ringing for one minute and 15 seconds until she gave up. Before they could get through to the emergency call center, the convulsing client recovered.

The Broward County 911 call center is run by the sheriff’s department. Because Frances had no discipline history during the 12 years she has worked at the 911 call center, the Sheriff only handed her a written reprimand.


Four Americans died in the Benghazi attack – Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith and two CIA agents, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, both former Navy SEALs.

Here is a poem by a former Navy SEAL:


We're the battling boys of Benghazi ,

No fame, no glory, no paparazzi.

Just a fiery death in a blazing hell,

Defending our country we loved so well.

It wasn't our job, but we answered the call,

fought to the Consulate and scaled the wall.

We pulled twenty countrymen from the jaws of fate

Led them to safety and stood at the gate.

Just the two of us and foes by the score,

But we stood fast to bar the door.

Three calls for reinforcement, but all were denied,

So we fought and we fought and we fought

'til we died.

We gave our all for our Uncle Sam,

But Barack and Hillary didn't give a damn.

Just two dead Seals who carried the load

No thanks to us...we were just

"Bumps In The Road".

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church, says Muslims are joining ISIS in flight from the ‘Godless’West’s Gay Pride events

Aha, contrary to what the Republican presidential candidates have been saying, President Obama and Hillary Clinton are not to blame for the rise of ISIS.

The Independent reports that Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church, says the rise of ISIS is because a ”Godless” world has accepted homosexuality. The Patriarch says Muslims are fleeing Western countries and joining the Caliphate because of gay pride events.

My bad! I agreed with Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and the other Republican candidates that Obama and Hillary were to blame for the rise of ISIS. Now I find out that it’s really those damn Gays.

Come to think of it though, Muslims aren’t the only ones that have fled Gay Pride events. My friends and I fled those early Gay Pride parades in San Francisco. We couldn’t stand watching a bunch of naked men cavorting around on top of the parade floats.

Patriarch Kirill claimed he was not surprised that 'honest' Muslims are flocking to Isis' quasi-religious state

By John Hall | Independent | January 18, 2016

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has partially blamed an increased acceptance of homosexuality for the rise of Isis.

Patriarch Kirill claimed he was not surprised that some Muslims are flocking to Isis' quasi-religious state as a way of escaping the “godless civilization” that celebrates events such as Gay Pride.

In an interview published on the Church’s official website, Kirill said: “[Isis] is creating a civilization that is new by comparison to the established one that is godless, secular and even radical in its secularism.”

“We can have parades for the sexual minorities - that is supported - but a million French Christian protestors defending family values are broken up by police,” he added.

Kiril said because the “godless civilization is reaching maturity”, it should come as no surprise that those who are opposed to liberal, secular ideas end up joining terror organisations.

“If you call non-traditional relationships a sin, as the Bible teaches and you are a priest or pastor, then you risk not only your ability to serve but you may be sent to prison,” he said.

“I could offer more simply frightening examples of how the godless civilization is growing yet here they are drawing attention to young people being converted by extremists,” he added.

“Look how they [the West] build the world – an unholy world - but we invite you to build God’s world…And they [Isis supporters] respond to that; it is for this they give their lives,” he added.

Kiril also appeared to controversially support Isis’ widely dismissed self-declaration of an Islamic caliphate by claiming that many who have flocked to live under the terror group are “honest” people who did so on “truly religious grounds”.

“You become a fighter for the Caliphate. So what’s a Caliphate?,” he said. “It is a society centered around faith and God where people follow religious laws,” he added.

Kiril’s comments are not the first time he has voiced public opposition to homosexuality. In August 2013 he declared same sex marriage to be a sign of the impending Apocalypse and urged people to do more to combat the rise of gay rights.

“This is a very dangerous apocalyptic symptom, and we must do everything in our powers to ensure that sin is never sanctioned in Russia by state law, because that would mean that the nation has embarked on a path of self-destruction,“ Christian Post quoted him as saying.

“We face enormous temptations when countries start approving sin and codifying it into law in order to justify it,” he added.


Two of the suspects claimed that the woman was having sex with her father when they first saw her

By Allie Conti | VICE News | January 13, 2016

On Thursday night at around 9 PM, a teenaged woman and her father grabbed some beers and headed into Osborn Playground in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn. What happened next has shocked the community, stymied police, and implicated five teenagers in what initially sounded like a horrific gang rape but might have actually been even more depraved.

If nothing else, the lurid tale has shined a sustained spotlight on a corner of the city that often makes headlines for gun violence but rarely grips the public imagination.

As the New York Times reported, the original story went something like this: The 18-year-old was allegedly raped in turn by five men after they showed up brandishing a gun, chasing her father off. Employees at two nearby delis apparently refused to lend the panicked father—who may have been drunk to the point of incoherence—a phone.

Ultimately, police said it took almost 20 minutes for the man to find two cops in their squad car, which was odd because the neighborhood where the alleged attack took place was lined with both residential units and businesses. The NYPD also came under fire for waiting until Saturday night to report the crime to the public, and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has since apologized for the nearly 48-hour delay, citing a paucity of information.

As that information has emerged, the story has shifted dramatically. When two of the suspects, ages 14 and 15, were turned over to authorities by their parents, and two more, ages 15 and 17, were arrested, they said that the group sex was consensual. What's more, two of the suspects claimed that the woman was having sex with her father when they first saw her in the playground, as the Times later reported.

Detectives are currently investigating those statements. Meanwhile, the four suspects were all arraigned on Tuesday, and a fifth was apprehended at school the same day. The fact that the victim's father might have been involved, and that the two were allegedly drinking together, "does not mean she was not a victim of a pretty horrific attack," as one anonymous law enforcement official told the Times. "What appeared to have happened is that the father may have put her in that compromised position." Still, as the suspects' defense lawyers pointed out at their arraignment, the young men were not picked out of police lineups or identified via photographs, and police still have not been able to find the gun that both the victim and her father said was used during the incident.

Reports of rape were up 6.3 percent across New York City last year, though officials are estimating about 20 percent of those alleged incidents took place in previous years. (For perspective, in 2011, just 1 percent of reported rapes concerned incidents from previous years.) The 73rd police precinct, which includes Brownsville, saw 34 rapes in 2015, according to NYPD statistics.

As interest in (and horror over) the case mounts, the suspects—each of whom has been charged with first-degree rape—are maintaining their innocence. On Tuesday, a Times reporter knocked on the door of a 15-year-old suspect in the case. Standing on their doorstep, the suspect's brother and mother showed the journalist a clip they said proved the sex was consensual. It was fewer than 30 seconds long, and it's unclear how it might bolster the defendant's claims. "If you said yeah, it's lit, like, you know what I mean," an unidentified male could be heard saying in the clip. "I could tell you a freak."

Monday, January 18, 2016


Eight Houston schools will have to change their names because minority school board members despise the fact they are named after Confederate war heroes

BarkGrowlBite | January 18, 2016

In a 5-4 vote, the Houston Independent School District Board of Trustees ordered that four HISD schools named after Confederate war heroes will be renamed. The schools that will no longer be shamed with Confederate names are the Henry Grady, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and Richard Dowling middle schools, and Robert E. Lee High School. Lanier and Johnston middle schools and Jeff Davis and Reagan high schools will also have to change their names, but a little later.

Schools in the Houston Independent School District have been failing miserably. Many HISD students, especially those in schools where most students are minorities, cannot read, write and do simple math - add, subtract, multiply or divide. Some HISD graduates wouldn’t be able to spell ‘cat’ if you spotted them the ‘c’ and ‘t’.

If you asked HISD students, both black and white, who Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were, most wouldn’t have the foggiest idea. For that matter, most adults in Houston’s black neighborhoods also probably won’t know that Lee and Jackson were Confederate war heroes. And even if they did know, they would probably care less if some schools were named after heroes of the Confederacy.

It’s only a group of black activists and their white liberal supporters that have raised a ruckus about buildings and monuments in the South that honor heroes of the Confederacy.

Never mind that Houston’s schools are failing. Getting rid of those shameful Confederate names is much more important.

What it all boils down to is that what we have here is just one more example of a politically correct erasure of history.


A service station owner in Ireland was trying to increase his gasoline sales, so he put up a sign that read, Free Sex with Fill-Up.

Paddy pulled in, filled his tank and asked for his free sex. The owner told him to pick a number from 1 to 10. If he guessed correctly, he would get his free sex. Paddy guessed 8, and the proprietor said, “You were close. The number was 7. Sorry. No sex this time.”

A week later, Paddy, along with his friend Mick, pulled in for another fill-up. Again he asked for his free sex. The proprietor again gave him the same story, and asked him to guess the correct number. Paddy guessed 2. The proprietor said, “Sorry, it was 3. You were close, but no free sex this time.”

As they were driving away, Mick said to Paddy, “I think that game is rigged and he doesn't really give away free sex at all.” Paddy replied, “No it's genuine enough Mick. My wife won twice last week.”

Sunday, January 17, 2016



Sinaloa Cartel leader El Chapo was also one of the world’s greatest lovers, fathering 18 children with seven different women, including two sons with a Sinaloa Congresswoman

BarkGrowlBite | January 17. 2016

El Chapo is best known as the leader of the notorious Sinaloa Drug Cartel. Less known is the fact that he is also one of the world’s greatest lovers, fathering 18 children with seven different women.

Included among the women are his current wife, American-born beauty queen Emma Coronel Aispuro, and Sinaloa Congresswoman Lucero Guadalupe Sanchez Lopez, both 26. The Congresswoman denies that her two sons were fathered by El Chapo.

Reportedly, during the six months between his escape from prison and his recapture, El Chapo was able to have sex with his wife, Congresswoman Sanchez and Kate del Castillo, Mexico’s mga soap opera star.

Of course, these women are the only ones we know about. To many Mexicans, El Chapo is a folk hero with rock star adoration. There’s no telling how many young women were eager to fuck El Chapo. You can bet there are a good number of other sons and daughters running around who came out of his loins.

18 children! Sex with Kate del Castillo! Not bad for a man who, as the Daily Mail reports, suffers from erectile dysfunction.


The Onion | January 13, 2016

BYRON, IL -- In a rare moment of candidness between verbally and physically abusing his peers, local bully Pete Pachego, 14, shared his concerns with reporters Wednesday that his victims might one day realize he was actually a retarded faggot himself.

“I spend all day telling guys at school that they’re gaywads and queermos, so if they ever found out that I’m actually a stupid cockmuncher, I really don’t know what I’d do,” said Pachego, adding that he often found himself paralyzed with dread that someone would discover that he was simply projecting his own retardedness and love of dicklicking onto the smaller, more vulnerable kids in his class. “Deep down, I guess I realize I’m so mean and hurtful to others because I don’t know how else to deal with the fact that I’m the one who still shits my pants and that I’m easily the fruitiest little fudgepacker of them all. Imagine if everyone knew; it would be devastating.”

Pachego then sighed and told reporters that he was certain at least some of his victims were beginning to suspect, rightly, that his dick looks like a Tic Tac.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Because of the San Bernardino shootings, California’s Democratic lawmakers are going berserk in a frenzy of filing new gun control measures; a bill that would ban rifles with detachable magazines is supported by the state’s Attorney General

BarkGrowlBite | January 16, 2016

NBC 4 Southern California reports that California Attorney General Kamala Harris is supporting legislation that would ban rifles with detachable magazines.

AB1663, a bill introduced Thursday by Democratic Assemblyman David Chiu of San Francisco, would bar the sale or transfer of most semiautomatic rifles with detachable magazines.

According to NBC 4, Harris says AB1663 would close a legal loophole that allows firearms manufacturers to include ``bullet buttons'' that let firearm owners rapidly exchange empty ammunition magazines for ones full of bullets.

Because of the San Bernardino shootings, the Democrats in the state legislature are going berserk in a frenzy of introducing more gun control measures. If Democratic lawmakers had their way, the whole state of California would be a gun free zone.

As for AB1883, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed similar legislation in 2014. This time may be different though, what with the San Bernardino shootings hovering over the governor’s head.

Friday, January 15, 2016



President Obama can rest at ease because there is no evidence of ISIS involvement and this terrorist did not shout ‘Allah Akbar’

BarkGrowlBite | January 15, 2016

A Waffle House in in Kennesaw, Georgia experienced an attack by a naked terrorist around 10:30 p.m. on January 8 that cannot be attributed to ISIS and the terrorist did not shout “Allah Akbar” during the attack.

From CNN:

According to police, the woman, identified as Jennifer Nicholson, stripped off her clothes, punched a woman in the face and then threw a plate at a window. She also threw several platters at patrons of the restaurant.

A naked Jennifer fought with the cops when they tried to arrest her, but Kennesaw’s heroic police officers were eager to get their hands on this dangerous terrorist in order, of course, to subdue and take her to be safely locked up in the Cobb County jail. She is facing several assault and public indecency charges.

The police reported that the woman who was punched in the face by Jennifer suffered a broken nose.

Some of you will say that this was not a terrorist attack. Don’t tell that to the woman with the broken nose or to the other terrified Waffle House customers who had to duck a barrage of flying plates.

Finally, I am positive that Jennifer is not a radical Muslim, or any other kind of Muslim for that matter. A devout Muslim woman would never have stripped naked in public, Allah forbid! Instead she would have been wearing jilbabs, abayas, hijabs, khimars or other Islamic clothing. No devout Muslim woman, terrorist or not, would ever allow strangers to see any part of her body above the ankles, Allah be praised!

So, President Obama can rest at ease. He doesn’t have to struggle to avoid using the terms ‘radical Muslim’ or ‘Islamic terrorist’ in referring to Jennifer’s attack on the Waffle House.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


The St. Louis Rams will be playing next season and from then on in Los Angeles

BarkGrowlBite | January 14, 2015

On Tuesday, 30 of 32 NFL team owners gave the green light for the St. Louis Rams to move to Los Angeles. In effect they told the Rans fans in St. Louis, “Fuck you.”

The NFL also told the San Diego and Oakland fans, “Fuck you too.” The owners of San Diego were given a one-year option to also move the Chargers to L.A. If San Diego opts to stay put, the Oakland ownership will then have the option of moving the Raiders to L.A.

The greedy, money grubbing NFL doesn’t give a shit about its fans. For an extra buck, whether by raising ticket prices or moving a team, the league will fuck the fans every time.


The Onion | January 12, 2016

WASHINGTON—Recounting in detail the numerous struggles and tribulations of the past seven years, an impassioned President Obama loftily praised his own strength and resilience in the face of adversity Tuesday evening during his final State of the Union address.

“In my two terms in office, this country has faced unprecedented challenges both at home and abroad, but if there is one constant amid this turmoil, if there’s one truth we can all hold onto, it’s that through it all I have remained steadfast and resolute—my perseverance never ceases to amaze me,” said Obama, his voice swelling with pride and conviction as he noted how, time and again, he has withstood every attack or heartache that has befallen him. “From the BP oil spill, to gun violence, to ISIS—I have met every hardship with the deepest resolve. Consider how truly inspiring that is. It is a testament to my incredible determination. My fellow Americans, these are trying times, but knowing what I know about me, about the type of good person I am, there is no doubt in my mind that I will get through whatever I encounter and emerge stronger on the other side.”

Obama added that it was precisely this indomitable spirit that made America great.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


SCIENTISTS are set to test freeze-dried pills containing the faecal matter of healthy and lean donors in a bid to tackle the obesity crisis

By Alana Moorhead | The Sun | January 11, 2016

Twenty obese volunteers will be taking part in the research and each will be receiving capsules that include several grams of stool from slim donors.

The pills will be taken every week for six weeks without making any changes to their normal diet and exercise habits while researchers track any changes.

These health and weight recordings will be taken at three, six and 12 months, with the potential to continue further depending on the success of the trial.

Elaine Yu, a professor and clinical researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital is leading the unusual trial.

While speaking to technology website Ars Technica that she and colleagues are "cautiously optimistic" but admits "We have no idea what the result will be".

The faeces filled capsules are designed to replace a person's intestinal microbes with those from the healthy donor.

The method has been tested in a number of animal studies and some anecdotal data in humans and has proved effective.

Previously, researchers took the gut microbes from a set of twins, one slim, one obese, and transplanted them into two sets of microbe-free mice.

The mice were on the same diet but those who got the obese twin's microbes became plumper, while the mice who received the lean twin's microbes remained slim.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks, but no thanks! I ain’t a eating no shit!

Elaine Yu? Aha, I knew it, this has to be a Chinese commie plot to export their huge surplus of human shit for Americans to eat. Since Americans eat Japanese sushi, they’ll surely also eat Chinese shit.


On Tuesday a passenger in a taxi heading for Grand Central Station leaned over to ask the driver a question and gently tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention.

The driver screamed and lost control of the cab, nearly hitting a bus. He drove up over the curb, barely missing some pedestrians, and stopped just inches from a store’s large showcase window.

For a few minutes everything was silent in the cab. Then the shaking driver said "Are you OK? I'm so sorry, but you scared the living shit out of me."

The badly shaken passenger apologized to the driver and said, "I didn't realize that a mere tap on the shoulder would startle someone so badly."

The driver replied, "No, no, I'm the one who is sorry, it's entirely my fault. Today is my very first day driving a cab. I've been driving a hearse for 25 years.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


U.S. rolls out cold war B-52 bomber in response to North Korea’s latest nuclear test

BarkGrowlBite | January 12, 2016

On Wednesday, North Korea carried out its fourth nuclear test, claiming it was the test of a hydrogen bomb.

On Sunday, in response to the test, the U.S. flew a cold war B-52 bomber over South Korea to within 45 miles of its border with North Korea. The bomber flew from and back to Guam and the flight was intended to show North Korea there would be consequences for its provocative nuclear activities.

I’m sure Dear Leader Kim Jong-Un must be shaking in his boots. In 2013, after North Korea carried out its third nuclear test, the U.S. threatened Kim Jong-Un with the similar flight of a B-52 over South Korea. That worked out well, didn’t it?

Furthermore, why threaten Kim Jong-Un with an aging airplane when, as I strongly suspect, we have a nuclear armed missile battery stationed somewhere in South Korea that is aimed at Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital. And if that missile battery is stationed in South Korea, you can bet Kim Jong-Un not only knows about it, but he also knows its exact location.

Kim Jong-Un has repeatedly told his people that the U.S. plans to attack North Korea. Thus, the flight of that B-52 merely serves to buttresses his propaganda with the North Korean people.


A man takes the day off work and decides to go ouT golfing. He is on the second hole when he
notices a frog sitting next to the green. He thinks nothing of it and is about to shoot when he
hears, “Ribbit 9 Iron."

The man looks around and doesn't see anyone. Again, he hears, "Ribbit 9 Iron." He looks at the frog and decides to prove the frog wrong, puts the club away, and grabs a 9 iron.

Boom! He hits it 10 inches from the cup. He is shocked. He says to the frog, "Wow, that's amazing. You must be a lucky frog, eh?”

The frog replies, "Ribbit Lucky frog."

The man decides to take the frog with him to the next hole.

"What do you think frog?" the man asks. "Ribbit 3 wood."

The guy takes out a 3 wood and, Boom! Hole in one. The man is befuddled and doesn't know what to say. By the end of the day, the man golfed the best game of golf in his life and asks the frog, "OK where to next?" The frog replies, "Ribbit Las Vegas.”

They go to Las Vegas and the guy says, "OK frog, now what?" The frog says, "Ribbit Roulette." Upon
approaching the roulette table, the man asks, "What do you think I should bet?"

The frog replies, "Ribbit $3,000, black 6."

Now, this is a million-to-one shot to win, but after the golf game the man figures what the hell. Boom! Tons of cash comes sliding back across the table.

The man takes his winnings and buys the best room in the hotel. He sits the frog down and says, "Frog, I don't know how to repay you. You've won me all this money and I am forever grateful."

The frog replies, "Ribbit Kiss Me."

He figures why not, since after all the frog did for him, he deserves it. With a kiss, the frog turns into a gorgeous 15-year-old girl.

"And honest your Honor, that’s how this15-year-old girl ended up in bed with me. So help me God or my name is not William Jefferson Clinton."

Monday, January 11, 2016


And all football season long I was misled to believe, my bad, that Hoyer was Houston’s quarterback and O’Brien was Houston’s head coach

BarkGrowlBite | January 11, 2016

Saturday the Kansas City Chiefs trounced the Houston Texans 30-zip in an AFC wild card playoff game that was played in Houston.

Here is my analysis of why Kansas City blew the Texans out of Houston's NRG Stadium:

Brian Hoyer, allegedly Houston’s quarterback, was in fact Kansas City’s best player. He must have been their best player because the home crowd kept booing him. Hoyer threw four interceptions, one at KC’s three yard line, and he lost a fumble when he ran into one of his own teammates. Those five turnovers had the KC fans cheering and the Houston fans jeering Hoyer.

And Bill O’Brien, allegedly Houston’s head coach, was Kansas City’s beat assistant coach. How come? O’Brien kept Hoyer in the game even though four of Hoyer’s five turnovers occurred in the first half and even though he was ineffective for the rest of the game. That in fact made him KC head coach Andy Reid’s top assistant.

It didn’t take long for the game to turn into a laugher, except that the hometown crowd wasn’t laughing.

Anyone care to argue against my analysis?


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott calls for a Convention of the States to amend the Constitution

BarkGrowlBite | January 11, 2016

Texas Gov. Greg Abbot declares that the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court have usurped the powers granted them by the Constitution. He is calling for a Convention of the States to amend the constitution. Lots a luck with that.

The Constitution allows for a Convention of the States to amend the Constitution, but Article 5 requires approval by three-fourths of the states for a change. Every past effort to amend the Constitution this way has failed.

According to Reuters, Abbott wants to give the States rights they do not now have. His proposed amendments include requiring Congress to balance the budget, allowing two-thirds of the states to override a U.S. Supreme Court decision and allowing a two-thirds majority of the states to override a federal law or regulation.

Gov. Abbott, who is confined to a wheel chair, will be doing sprints before his proposed amendments ever see the light of day.

Sunday, January 10, 2016


El Chapo: "I want to make clear that this interview is for the exclusive use of Miss Kate del Castillo and Mister Sean Penn."

Last October, Sean Penn, with the help of Mexican soap-opera star Kate del Castillo, interviewed El Chapo at a jungle hideaway.

Here, from Rolling Stone, is part of that interview:

How was your childhood?
I remember from the time I was six until now, my parents, a very humble family, very poor, I remember how my mom made bread to support the family. I would sell it, I sold oranges, I sold soft drinks, I sold candy. My mom, she was a hard worker, she worked a lot. We grew corn, beans. I took care of my grandmother's cattle and chopped wood.

And how did you get involved in the drug business?
Well, from the time I was 15 and after, where I come from, which is the municipality of Badiraguato, I was raised in a ranch named La Tuna, in that area, and up until today, there are no job opportunities. The only way to have money to buy food, to survive, is to grow poppy, marijuana, and at that age, I began to grow it, to cultivate it and to sell it. That is what I can tell you.

How did you leave there? How did it all expand?
From there, from my ranch, I started to leave at 18 and went to Culiacan, then after to Guadalajara, but never without visiting my ranch, even up until today, because my mom, thanks to God, is still alive, out there in our ranch, which is La Tuna, and so, that is how things have been.

How has your family life changed from then to now?
Very good – my children, my brothers, my nephews. We all get along well, very normal. Very good.

And now that you are free, how has it affected you?
Well, as for being free – happy, because freedom is really nice, and pressure, well, for me it's normal, because I've had to be careful for a few years now in certain cities, and, no, I don't feel anything that hurts my health or my mind. I feel good.

Is it true what they say that drugs destroy humanity and bring harm?
Well, it's a reality that drugs destroy. Unfortunately, as I said, where I grew up there was no other way and there still isn't a way to survive, no way to work in our economy to be able to make a living.

Do you think it is true you are responsible for the high level of drug addiction in the world?
No, that is false, because the day I don't exist, it's not going to decrease in any way at all. Drug trafficking? That's false.

Did your drug business grow and expand when you were in jail?
From what I can tell, and what I know, everything is the same. Nothing has decreased. Nothing has increased.

What about the violence attached to this type of activity?
In part, it is because already some people already grow up with problems, and there is some envy and they have information against someone else. That is what creates violence.

Do you consider yourself a violent person?
No, sir.

Are you prone to violence, or do you use it as a last resort?
Look, all I do is defend myself, nothing more. But do I start trouble? Never.

What is your opinion about the situation in Mexico, what is the outlook for Mexico?
Well, drug trafficking is already part of a culture that originated from the ancestors. And not only in Mexico. This is worldwide.

Do you consider your activity, your organization, a cartel?
No, sir, not at all. Because people who dedicate their lives to this activity do not depend on me.

How has this business evolved from the time you started up until today?
Big difference. Today there are lots of drugs, and back then, the only ones we knew were marijuana and poppy.

What is the difference in people now compared to back then?
Big difference, because now, day after day, villages are getting bigger, and there's more of us, and lots of different ways of thinking.

What is the outlook for the business? Do you think it will disappear? Will it grow instead?
No, it will not end because as time goes by, we are more people, and this will never end.

Do you think terrorism activities in the Middle East will, in any way, impact the future of drug trafficking?
No, sir. It doesn't make a difference at all.

You saw how the final days of Escobar were. How do you see your final days with respect to this business?
I know one day I will die. I hope it's of natural causes.

The U.S. government thinks that the Mexican government does not want to arrest you. What they want to do is to kill you. What do you think?
No, I think that if they find me, they'll arrest me, of course.

With respect to your activities, what do you think the impact on Mexico is? Do you think there is a substantial impact?
Not at all. Not at all.

Because drug trafficking does not depend on just one person. It depends on a lot of people.

What is your opinion about who is to blame here, those who sell drugs, or the people who use drugs and create a demand for them? What is the relationship between production, sale and consumption?
If there was no consumption, there would be no sales. It is true that consumption, day after day, becomes bigger and bigger. So it sells and sells.

We hear avocado is good for you, lime is good for you, guanabana is good for you. But we never hear anyone doing any publicity with respect to drugs. Have you done anything to induce the public to consume more drugs?
Not at all. That attracts attention. People, in a way, want to know how it feels or how it tastes. And then the addiction gets bigger.

Do you have any dreams? Do you dream?
Whatever is normal. But dreaming daily? No.

But you must have some dreams, some hopes for your life?
I want to live with my family the days God gives me.

If you could change the world, would you?
For me, the way things are, I'm happy.

How is your relationship with your mom?
My relationship? Perfect. Very well.

Is it one of respect?
Yes, sir, respect, affection and love.

How do you see the future for your sons and daughters?
Very well. They get along right. The family is tight.

How about your life? How has your life changed, how have you lived it since you escaped?
Lots of happiness – because of my freedom.

Did you ever use drugs?
No, sir. Many years ago, yes, I did try them. But an addict? No.

How long ago?
I haven't done any drugs in the last 20 years.

Did it not worry you that you might be putting your family at risk with your escape?
Yes, sir.

For your recent escape, did you pursue your freedom at any cost, at the expense of anybody?
I never thought of hurting anyone. All I did was ask God, and things worked out. Everything was perfect. I am here, thank God.

The two times you escaped, it is worth mentioning, there was no violence.
With me, it did not come to that. In other situations, what's been seen, things occur differently, but here, we did not use any violence.

Bearing in mind what has been written about you, what one can see on TV, things are said about you in Mexico, what kind of message would you like to convey to the people of Mexico?
Well, I can say it's normal that people have mixed feelings because some people know me and others don't. That is the reason I say it is normal. Because those who do not know me can have their doubts about saying if, in this case, I'm a good person or not.

If I ask you to define yourself as a person, if I ask you to pretend you are not JoaquĆ­n, instead you are the person who knows him better than anybody else in the world, how would you define yourself?
Well, if I knew him – with respect, and from my point of view, it's a person who's not looking for problems in any way. In any way.

EDITOR’S NOTE: El Chapo knows that the insatiable appetite by Americans for the recreational use of pot, meth, cocaine and heroin is what makes his Sinaloa Cartel and the other Mexican drug cartels flourish. “If there was no consumption, there would be no sales,” says El Chapo. “It is true that consumption, day after day, becomes bigger and bigger. So it sells and sells.”

As for Sean Penn interviewing the most wanted criminal in the world, what we have here is a fading movie star looking for the kind of publicity that might regenerate his acting career.

Borderland Beat says, the interview itself is soft, boring and Penn’s lack of narco knowledge is glaring. And then there were dumb questions like: “Do you consider yourself a violent person?” Chapo answers: “No, sir.”


At the time, Broaddrick did not file a complaint with the police because she feared no one would believe that Attorney General Bill Clinton had raped her

I remember when Juanita Broaddrick first reported that she had been raped by Bill Clinton. She was a campaign worker in Clinton’s 1978 campaign for the governorship and he came to her motel room saying he wanted to discuss some business.

Broaddrick claimed that once inside the room, Clinton started trying to kiss her, biting her lip in the process. He ran his hands all over her body. Then Clinton ripped her clothes off and raped her.

Afterwards, Broaddrick’s story was corroborated by a nurse who treated her for the assault.

Broaddrick did not file a complaint with the police because she feared no one would believe that the Attorney General of Arkansas had raped her.

Now that Trump has brought up Bill Clinton’s sexism, Broaddrick is reminding the public that she had been raped by the former president.

Juanita Briaddrick: “I was 35 years old when Bill Clinton, Ark. Attorney General raped me and Hillary tried to silence me. I am now never goes away.”

By Mark Hensch and Jonathan Easley | The Hill | January 6, 2016

A woman who publicly accused former President Clinton of raping her in 1978 is resurrecting her claims on social media.

“I was 35 years old when Bill Clinton, Ark. Attorney General raped me,” Juanita Broaddrick tweeted Wednesday.

“Hillary tried to silence me,” she wrote of Bill Clinton’s wife, who is the current Democratic presidential front-runner in the 2016 race. “I am now 73…it never goes away.”

The Hill reached a woman by phone in Van Buren, Ark., on Wednesday who identified herself as Broaddrick. She said the Twitter account is hers.

Broaddrick said she set the account up in 2009 but hasn’t used it much since because she’s unfamiliar with Twitter.

The former nursing home administrator alleged in 1999 that Bill Clinton raped her in Little Rock, Ark., during his 1978 gubernatorial campaign.

In a brief interview, Broaddrick, who said she retired after selling her nursing home business in 2008, said she’s decided to play a more visible role heading into 2016.

“I’ve been quiet for too long, and now with the possibility of [Hillary Clinton] being the Democratic nominee and possibly president, I feel the need to get involved,” she said.

Broaddrick said that she doesn’t describe herself as Republican or Democrat, but is supporting Donald Trump for president.

“He says the things I like to hear,” Broaddrick said.

She lauded Trump for broaching the issue of Bill Clinton’s past marital infidelities and allegations of sexual assault.

“I’m glad someone did. Everyone has been hanging back and most of the mainstream media won’t approach it but it’s something that should be talked about.”

David E. Kendall, who was the Clintons' personal attorney, strongly denied Broaddrick's charges when they first emerged during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

“Any allegation that the president assaulted Ms. Broaddrick more than 20 years ago is absolutely false,” he said in a statement released by the White House in February 1999, according to The Washington Post.

“Beyond that we are not going to comment,” the attorney added then.